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What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Neighbourhood planning is a legal right for communities introduced through the Localism Act 2011.  Communities can shape development in their areas through the production of Neighbourhood Development Plans.  Neighbourhood Development Plans become part of the Local Plan and the policies contained within them are then used in the determination of planning applications.

The whole Parish of Twyford lies within the Boundary of the South Downs National Park (SDNP).  This gives us the highest level of protection available, in planning terms, and any new development will be largely limited to local needs and facilities for visitors.

How does it work?


The Twyford Parish Council is leading on neighbourhood planning in our area.


The approval and adoption process involves publication of draft proposals and consideration of comments before submitting the plan for approval to the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA) and then for independent examination of the plan.  A community referendum is held at the end of the process.


The referendum is an important part of the process allowing those that live in the neighbourhood area to decide whether or not the Neighbourhood Development Plan comes into effect or not.  This is direct democracy and outlines the importance of working with the wider community and securing their support at an early stage in the process.


The Twyford Neighbourhood Development Plan (TNP) will set the policies for Twyford for the next 14 years and will determine how planning applications are decided.  The TNP will address the needs of the village as a whole, representing all sections of the community.


Regular consultation with the community is of the essence in neighbourhood planning.


The Starting Point for the Neighbourhood Plan


The Twyford neighbourhood plan cannot operate in a vacuum; it has to work within the guidelines (click below to view) set by a number of higher authorities, in particular its status as designated National Park . These are:




Of particular importance, the Twyord Neighbourhood Plan needs to be in conformity with the strategic policies contained in the South Downs Local Plan (SDLP) and the focus of the Plan has to be on guiding development rather than stopping it. 

Satelite view of Twyford.  Click for larger map.

South Downs National Park – Twyford is on the western  border.  Click for larger map.

Twyford Neighbourhood Plan Area

Pre-submission Draft TNP - Cover.jpg

Twyford neighbourhood Plan - Pre-Submission Draft 

Twyford Neighbourhood Plan - Pre-Submission Draft

The Neighbourhood Plan is all about your parish, its countryside, the village, its housing, community facilities, parking, business use, the school, our important landscape and more.  It is a plan for the whole of Twyford Parish.  The Plan looks forward for the next 14 years; it has to make provision for the community to adapt in that time.  There are 39 policies which include protection of our precious assets and policies for development, site plan for the new houses and resolving flooding and drainage issues.  The Plan is guided by the higher level plan of the South Downs Local Plan (SDLP) which was adopted in July 2019.

The 1st Draft Plan was published in 2016 and you had the opportunity to comment on it.  Your comments were listened to and the Plan revised.  A summary of the changes made can be seen HERE.  Significant further amendments were also made to specify a single site for housing allocation, bring the Plan into conformity with the South Downs Local Plan (SDLP) and respond to a Sustainability Appraisal of the Plan (SA) and a Habitat Regulations Assessment (SRA) undertaken in September 2019.  As a result, most of the policies were modified,and where appropriate referenced back to SDLP policies in order to avoid duplication  New policies covering Orchard Close, Water Environment, Historic Rural Roads, Pollution Controls and Stacey's Garage were also added.  These were all incorporated into a Pre-Submisssion Draft Plan.

Public Consultation on Pre-Submission Draft


Public consultation on the Pre-Submission Draft Plan was undertaken between 6th January and 24th February 2020.  A full exhibition of the Plan and suporting documents was held at the Twyford Social Club on 23rd January and 1st February with Parish Council representatives being present to provide advice. For those unable to attend the exhibition, the Draft Plan and a downloadable comments form were provided on the website. 140 people visited the exhibition and over 480 separate individuals viewed the Plan and supporting documentation via the website.


47 individuals and organisations provided extensive comments to the Plan and Twyford Parish Council (TPC) has in turn prepared detailed responses to each and every comment.  The comments and the TPC responses (amounting to over 100 pages) can be viewed on the "Your Views" page of this website.

Twyford Neighbourhood Plan - Submission Draft


As a result of the comments made during public consultation, a significant number of changes have been made to the Plan and an updated Submission Draft Plan produced.  (Click on the icon below to see this Plan  in which text changes from the Pre-Submission Draft Plan are highlighted in blue).  The changes are identified by bracketed numbers which are explained in an accompanying Schedule of Changes which can be viewed HERE.

Eight Explanatory Notes explain some of the thinking behind the development of the text and policies.  These Notes which cover aspects such as Plan format, house  sizes and affordable housing criteria are shown in the Related Links at the bottom of this page.

TNP Post Consult Cover.jpg

Twyford neighbourhood Plan - Submission Draft (with changes from Pre-Submission Draft highlighted in blue) 

This Submission Draft Plan, together with your comments and TPC responses, has now been sent to South Downs National Park Authority for an update of the Sustainability Appraisal to take account of the changes.  This revised SA together with any further revisions to the TNP will be uploaded onto this website in due course. 

The TNP will then be  formally submitted to the SDNPA who will then publicise it again and invite public comment.  SDNPA will also confirm that the TNP is in conformity with the South Downs Plan.  These comments will then be referred back to the Parish Council to see if they wish to make any further changes.  An Independent Examiner will then be appointed to review the TNP,  its evidence base and the objections made and to say whether further changes are required.  Subject to the Examiner's approval, the Neighbourhood Plan is then sent back to the Parish Council for formal adoption by means of a referendum by all parishioners.  All further comments and responses and any amendments to the  plan will be uploaded onto this website in due course.  Because of Covid restrictions, this final Referendum  is now unlikely to take place before Spring of 2021; we hope that the other procedures will not be held up by Covid Regulations.

Sustainability Appraisal (SA)

A Sustainability Appraisal (SA), which included a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), has been undertaken of the Pre-Submission Draft of the Twyford Neighbourhood Plan


The main purpose of undertaking this was to ensure that, as far as possible, the most sustainable options were chosen for the policies and allocated site in the Neighbourhood Plan. The SA process appraised the policies and allocated site as well as reasonable alternatives against a Sustainability Appraisal Framework. This sought to identify any potential significant negative effects of the Plan. Where negative effects were identified mitigation measures were suggested to reduce or negate the negative effects. The appraisal process also identified potential positive effects and, where possible, suggested ways of enhancing these. The SA also included a set of indicators which would form the monitoring regime for the Plan. These can be used to monitor any significant negative and positive effects of the Plan. This will ensure that if negative impacts occur, action can be taken to reduce them. Monitoring the effects of the Plan will also help to inform the development of future neighbourhood plans.

The Sustainability Appraisal can be viewed by clicking on the adjacent icon.   Its Appendix 3 (Appraisal of policies against sustainability objectives) can be viewed HERE.

Sustainability Appraisal -Cover.jpg

Sustainability Appraisal 

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