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Hunter Park cricket field, football pitches and tennis courts.*

Twyford St. Mary's Primary School on the aptly named, School Lane

Infants well protected playground in Hunter Park*

Twyford is part of the South Downs National Park and has many amenities


  • Schools:  Twyford St. Mary's Primary School (occupies 52nd place out of 24,000 primary schools in England, according to The Telegraph league tables) and Twyford Prep School

  • Twyford Medical Surgery and Pharmacy

  • Dental Surgery

  • Church: Twyford St. Mary's

  • Post Office and Twyford Stores

  • Public Houses: The Bugle, The Phoenix and Twyford Social Club

  • Cafe:  The Bean Below

  • Twyford Waterworks and Nature Trail

  • Parish Hall and Car Park

  • Hunter Park:  Cricket Pavillion, football pitches, tennis courts, basketball court

  • Tennis Club on Roman Road

  • Play Grounds: Hunter Park, Ballard Close, Northfields

  • Allotments

  • Footpaths and Bridleways

  • Watermeadows

  • Bus Services: Routes 69 and E1

  • Railway Station - Shawford


The TNP can help protect village amenities by identifying which are important and by preventing certain changes of use. It would only do this where there is a threat.


For instance, in the last 20 years Twyford has lost its fire station, its police station and police houses, the Dolphin Inn, Tin-Tacs iron mongers, Lloyds Bank, Humphreys farm shop, Lathams photography, Lampards the builders, Cecil Hut and, almost, the Bugle Inn.  Most of the amenities were converted to housing.


The TNP can also allocate land for new community facilities or open space but these must be realistic, not just aspirational.


Are any under threat and if so, which should be supported and developed?


What is lacking? What improvements could be made?  Who is is not served well?

Cricket nets at Hunter Park.  There is also a Cricket pitch and pavillion; football ground; tennis courts and basketball court.*

Twyford Village Hall on the High Street

Allotments at Hunter Park are very sought after*

The Phoenix Inn is one of the three surviving pubs in Twyford, which include The Bugle Inn and the Social Club.



Twyford Parish Council Website for additional village information

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