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Lorries come off the M3 (junction 11) directly onto a B-road, the B3335 – Twyford's High Street.  Note that very little space is left for oncoming traffic and the front doors of many homes open directly onto the road.

In Twyford we benefit and suffer from various transport related issues and the village infrastructure needs to be improved.


Some Transport & Infrastructure Problems


  • The amount of traffic and lorries passing through the village.

  • The main road (the B3335) splits the village in two.

  • The high speed of traffic through the village.

  • The lack of crossing facilities south of the traffic lights.

  • There are notable gaps on some footways (such as Finches Lane, Norris Bridge, Park Lane and Church Lane).

  • Shortage of parking on some roads and near the surgery, Post Office and primary school.

  • The lack of a continuous cycle route into Winchester.

  • Lorries travelling to Northfields ignoring the HGV ban.


Some Transport Benefits


  • We are close to a motorway junction and have good access to main roads.

  • We have regular daytime bus services to Winchester and Eastleigh.

  • We are close to a railway station.

  • It is possible to cycle into Winchester.

  • Many roads have a footway alongside them.

  • There is a good network of rural footpaths and bridleways.


What we can suggest includes


  • The location, type and size of any new development within Twyford

  • The amount of parking associated with any new development

  • Creation of ‘Home Zones’ or the introduction of lower speed limits on certain residential roads

  • Improved pedestrian and cycle links

  • Lorry restrictions on certain roads

  • Better facilities for pedestrians and cyclists

  • Improved bus stops and bus shelters


We are restricted in what the Neighbourhood Plan can propose


  • For instance, we cannot comment or object to new development outside Twyford

  • We cannot suggest a lorry ban along the B3335 through the village or a ban on planes flying over the village

  • Getting changes to the main speed limits are a separate process


Improvements to our infrastructure

Nearly all new development has to make a financial contribution to the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

The SDNP has a tariff for different sizes and types of development.  The money raised has to be spent on local infrastructure schemes (transport, schools, healthcare, flooding etc.)


Were you aware that the new pedestrian crossing near Bourne Lane was funded by CIL payments?


With a Neighbourhood Plan in place 25% of any CIL payment comes directly to the Parish Council, for spending on local schemes for local needs.


What would you spend any CIL payments on?

Parking Demand Survey at Village Hall

A parking survey was undertaken in April 2016 to assess demand for parking at the village Hall/Surgery Car Park.  The survey suggested there is a need for additional parking for around 40 cars and this figure is being used to detemine what additional space should be provided in connection with possible development of the field adjoining the car park.  Details of the survey work undertaken and conclusions reached can be viewed HERE.

Motorway traffic jam near Twyford*

There are regular bus services to Eastleigh and Winchester, but none after 7 p.m.

There are no pedestrian crossings south of the High Street traffic lights. The village primary school is west of the main road, while many of the children live on the east side.