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Hunter Park sunset during Twyford Colts Cricket Club prizes ceremony*

The Neighbourhood Plan for Twyford will address the spatial needs of the parish for the next 15 plus years, within the policy parameters of the South Downs National Park Authority. The plan must address the needs of the village as a whole, representing all sections of the community.


To meet changing village needs, any new developments – including housing, transport, business and amenities - must be sustainable, enhancing and not compromising the special qualities that have defined Twyford's success to date.


Within the Neighbourhood Plan, the vision and objectives set out what our community wants to achieve, guiding the implementation of the Plan in future.


This version reflects what local people have said about what they value in the parish, its special qualities, and what changes they would like to see in future.  It also reflects the vision and objectives of the South Downs National Park.

Our Vision for Twyford


By 2036 Twyford will be a more vibrant, attractive and safe place to live, work and visit.  It will have retained and enhanced its special village character and landscape within the South Downs National Park through sustainable, community-led development.

The Objectives of the Plan


1.    To retain the size and rural character of the parish of Twyford as a village within the South Downs National Park.


2.    To enhance a vibrant and thriving community life, by providing new housing to meet local needs, promoting employment and supporting retail, community and sports provision.


3.    To strengthen a dynamic village centre, integrating other parts of the parish, particularly through the location of new developments, community facilities and improved access.  


4.    To manage and reduce traffic impact on the Parish, improving road safety, minimising car usage and meeting parking needs, especially through new developments and by improvements to walking and cycling routes.


5.    To improve the quality of the built environment by protecting and enhancing existing special qualities, and through high quality design and layout in new developments.


6.    To conserve and enhance the National Park landscape and its relationship to the Parish by providing for open spaces, wildlife habitats, and green areas, minimising the impact of development and promoting the protection of wildlife.


7.    To ensure that all parish developments meet local needs, are community led and are environmentally sustainable.

8.   To improve the village infrastructure particularly flooding and sewerage

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