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Twyford Neighbourhood Plan stall at the Graze music festival hosted on Humphrey's Farm in 2015


Say hello to us – or send us an email to twyfordneighbourhoodplan@gmail.com


Although a Draft Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared with input from the community, it is very important that the Plan continues to be driven and owned by the Twyford community as a whole. 


The Twyford Parish Council continues to need your thoughts on the plan as it develops, so please do get in touch with us via the contact form, Facebook or send us an e-mail.

Stay up to date


Every time a change or addition is made to the website, an email will be sent to all those registered on the Twyford Information Emails (TIE), providing details of the changes.  If you are not already on the TIE follow the link HERE


You can also stay up to date by following us on Facebook

Help as a Volunteer


If you are interested in helping either through future Consultation exercises, or with communications or events please contact us through the contact form.


Views Sought to-date


We have already held a number of events to seek views from the community.  These have included:


  • Exhibition in Gilbert Room in February 2015

  • Survey Questionnaire (see link below for results of this)

  • Housing Needs Survey sent to all households

  • The Graze Festival stand, manned all day

  • Visits to Village groups, schools, pubs etc

  • Discussions with landowners

  • Survey of businesses 

  • Village Character Assessment prepared by local volunteers

  • Meeting and displays in Twyford Social Club to present landscape report and housing site selection process.

  • Community Engagement Day at Twyford Social Club in September 2016 to present the 1st Draft of the Twyford Neighbourhood Plan (TNP).  See HERE for a summary of the event

Comments on 1st Draft of Twyford Neighbourhood Plan (TNP)

The 1st Draft of the TNP was published in September 2016.  Comments on the plan were requested through a questionnaire which was prepared and collated by Action Hampshire.  A summary of  numbers/percentages of people who agreed with each of the Draft Policies can be found HERE.  A detailed schedule of comments and responses can be found HERE.

Your Views on the Pre-Submission Draft Neighbourhood Plan

The Pre-Submission Draft of the Neighbourhood Plan will be formally published in January 2020 and we are now seeking your views of this Draft Plan.  Please look out for a leaflet which will be posted to each household in the village and other interested parties letting you know about how you can comment.  Information will also be sent out via TIE.


A full exhibition of the Plan will be available at the Social Club on 23rd January (4 pm - 8 pm) and 1st February (10 am - 4 pm) with Parish Council representatives present for advice.


For those unable to attend the exhibition, a comments form is available and can be downloaded HERE.  It is important that responses are submitted by 24th February if you wish to ensure that they are considered.

The comments will be reviewed and a final version of the Pre-Submission Plan submitted, with your comments, to South Downs National Park Authority for further review by an Independent Examiner.

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